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Excited about 2023?

If you had to reinvent the product line of the U.S. Mint from scratch, where would you start? Currently the Mint offers many products that hardly seem worth the cost of storing inventory. Each week I update numbers of things … Continue reading

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Can gold sellout be achieved tomorrow?

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. The gold quarter-ounce Standing Liberty quarter goes on sale at the Mint tomorrow at noon Eastern time. Frantic calculations are being made all across the land. While cost and personal … Continue reading

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How not to promote show

For many years Numismatic News has offered free listings for coin shows in its Show Directory section. It is a popular service. I believe that helping shows get a boost helps us all, whether we are collectors or dealers. When … Continue reading

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What’s the silver crowd telling us?

There is a body of economic evidence saying there is a certain intelligence in the actions of crowds. This is a positive counterpoint to crowds running amuck from time to time. Whether there is any great wisdom residing in this collective, … Continue reading

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Build a gold coin set

If a newcomer asked me to recommend something in the numismatic field this morning, I would tell him to consider gold. It is an under collected area, because it seems so expensive to make a start. You don’t find gold … Continue reading

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Golden idea or fool’s gold?

Collectors are wildly enthusiastic about the gold Centennial issues of 2016. The Mercury dime, Standing Liberty quarter and Walking Liberty half dollar designs are being issued in gold to mark the 100th anniversary of the arrival of these three popular designs … Continue reading

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Dollar series ends with whimper

The last hurrah for the Presidential coin series will come when the Mint chooses to offer the Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles set. Will this send the series out with a bang or a whimper? It has been difficult for collectors … Continue reading

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Silver Eagles’ week to remember?

A 10 percent off sale wouldn’t attract the public to a department store. But will it attract silver buyers back to the silver American Eagle? That is a question we are in the process of answering. Silver bullion started a … Continue reading

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Mint’s wheel of fortune

With the silver Liberty medal sold out on Aug. 23, the next potential collector heart stopper will be the gold Standing Liberty quarter on Sept. 8. Helping to stoke potential demand for this, which is the second of three Centennial … Continue reading

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Dad’s coins offer challenge

Winston Churchill said the American and the British are divided by a common language. The same might be said about collectors and noncollectors. I had lunch Tuesday at a local eatery. I sat at the counter with a husband and … Continue reading

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