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Lisot videos show us who we are

I was a regular attendee at the International Paper Money Shows in Memphis, Tenn., for many years. It moved this year to Kansas City, Mo. I was unable to be there, June 8-11, but fortunately David Lisot was. He recorded … Continue reading

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Pay to shave the head of Miles Standish?

The generosity of coin collectors and dealers will be in the spotlight at 2 p.m. Aug. 3 at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in Denver. Well-known coin grader Michael “Miles” Standish will have his head shaved to … Continue reading

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Golden moment for silver Liberty medal

Collectors like the silver one-ounce proof American Liberty medal that went on sale June 14. Or don’t they? The answer depends on what you believe is a similar Mint product. As of June 18, the Mint said 33,075 were sold. … Continue reading

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Coins and silver top my list of interests

A reader survey popped up on a website I was checking this morning. It asked detailed questions about what I was interested in. I imagine you have answered similar surveys. I expressed great interest in coins and precious metals. For other topics, … Continue reading

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President Trump should open Fort Knox gold vaults

Do you believe all of the gold that is supposed to be at the Fort Knox bullion depository is there? Now would be a good time to ask President Donald Trump to open the vaults to the public as was done … Continue reading

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Surprise! It is the year of the Lincoln cent

At the beginning of the year, I forecast that this would be a good year for Morgan silver dollars. Heritage selling an 1893-S in MS-61 for over $176,250 at Long Beach seems to prove this. What I did not forecast … Continue reading

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When you have bigger fish to fry

Some avid fisherman have returned to Iola, Wis., from their latest adventure in Canada. The fishing was good. But you know me. I can turn almost any conversation to something related to numismatics. So I did in this case after … Continue reading

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How many hard core gold coin buyers are there?

Gold coins are expensive. Most collectors can afford to buy one from time to time, but not to build annual sets. That’s why last year’s 100th anniversary Mercury, Standing Liberty and Walking Liberty gold coins were so popular. It is … Continue reading

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Will anyone race to buy silver medal?

A silver medal is about to be offered by the U.S. Mint without any gimmicks involved. Will anyone show up to buy tomorrow? At noon Eastern Daylight Time the U.S.Mint will begin selling a one-ounce 225th Anniversary American Liberty silver medal. There … Continue reading

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When is a coin find not a coin find?

Searching change for collectible coins is catching. I’m glad it is true. It does not always occur in the way we collectors understand it. I made a run down to my mother’s house over the weekend. My last visit a couple of … Continue reading

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