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Too many designs or not enough?

Should we have five designs each year on all denominations of U.S. coinage, cents through dollars? We have gotten used to five designs a year on quarters since 1999. We had four Presidential dollars each year 2007-2015 (three in 2016) … Continue reading

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Lust for gold never ends

The supposed treasure find of $130 billion in gold on a sunken Russian warship is already being called a scam by major news outlets. The Daily Mail and Reuters have each published online articles on the topic. What is interesting … Continue reading

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Sunken gold worth billions found?

A sunken Russian warship off the coast of South Korea has treasure aficionados buzzing once again. The ship was a victim of the 1905 Russo-Japanese war. It is supposed to be full of gold. In fact, the stories cite values … Continue reading

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Silver dollar hoard slabbed by NGC

A hoard of 16,000 pristine Morgan silver dollars stored in a New York City bank vault since 1964 have been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. That fact alone is amazing. But even more compelling is the fact collectors will … Continue reading

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Look at numbers, listen to Stuppler; what do you get?

As I did my morning check of the Kitco website, I had to remove my glasses before I believed I was seeing the price of silver correctly. It was $15.66 an ounce. I think I was expecting to see something … Continue reading

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Many ways to own gold

An email arrived to call my attention to a new gold medal issue from the Yukon. It was sent to me over the weekend by Dick Hanscom of Alaska Rare Coins. He is a veteran coin dealer from Fairbanks as … Continue reading

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Is peak gold concept worthy of notice?

Before the shale oil boom put the United States on course to pump more crude, there was a theory that peak oil was at hand. In a nutshell, that meant oil production could no longer rise and would instead decline. … Continue reading

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My guide will be George Washington

All these years into the Internet Age, I still receive snail mail regularly. Yesterday came an anonymous letter. Remember those? It was postmarked Grand Rapids, Mich. It reads: “Mr. Harper: “You look silly with your bald head. I think you should … Continue reading

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‘SS Central America’ treasure dominates news

‘Tis the season of treasures coming to auction. As the bounty from the 1857 wreck of the SS Central America continues to cause excitement in the collecting universe, another group of treasures (gold bars) coming to auction is also attracting attention. Continue reading

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Treasure yields 105 Territorial gold pieces

The SS Central America is the sunken treasure wreck that just keeps on giving. From the latest release of the California Gold Marketing Group LLC of Brea, Calif., we see a veritable census of Territorial gold issues from the Gold … Continue reading

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