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What catches your eye?

This looks like a “this and that” day. Pay attention to whatever catches your eye. What do I mean by that? So many things cross my desk that you might describe everyday that way, but today is more so. We … Continue reading

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Numismatic walk in the Holy Land

Coins of Biblical times have long attracted collectors. Estimates on an upcoming Goldberg Auctioneers event to be held on Feb. 2 show what a high level of interest potentially can do to prices. The coins will be offered in the … Continue reading

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2016-S proof cent already in change

Does the San Francisco Mint have an internal security problem, or did someone buy or receive a 2016 Birth or Happy Birthday set from the U.S. Mint and then spend the coins in it? Those two questions came to mind … Continue reading

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Gold a lightning rod for rumors

It is a good week for emails. This showed up in my inbox this morning: “Due to a recent illness my time has been spent sleeping or watching TV. This morning the show was “America’s Book of Secrets – The … Continue reading

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2016 coins could signal better times

New 2016 cents are finding their way into circulation. That is a smidgen of good news not just for collectors but also for Americans who depend in part or entirely on the health of the financial markets. I had an … Continue reading

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How fast can you send it to me?

Gold just crossed the $1,100 mark as I write this. The Internet allows me to see price fluctuations in real time. The result is that I probably check the price more often than I should. Silver is also up this … Continue reading

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It will be different

Freshly back in the office after a three-day weekend, the following email was at the top of my inbox. It asks a question that has been on many minds, so I will throw it out here for consideration in today’s … Continue reading

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Kiss your money good-bye

It appears that the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II should be removed from British collector coins sold by the Royal Mint directly to hobbyists and replaced with that of the Joker, a Batman arch-villain. Buyers will find that the joke … Continue reading

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Another collector issue, another problem?

Is the Mint getting off to a bad start in 2016 regarding collector coin offers? We had the mystery of the Mark Twain silver dollar delay, which has postponed the offer from today. It turned out there was an error … Continue reading

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Tale of 1,010 FUN bourse tables

Yesterday I had a telephone conversation with Randy Campbell, president of the Florida United Numismatists. He wanted to give me the confirmed bourse table count at last weekend’s FUN show. The show is huge. It has been for years. It … Continue reading

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