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Everybody is just a gold spectator

It’s baseball season so let’s use a Yogi Berra’s quote. For the gold market is it deja vu all over again? The price goes up toward $1,300 and then back down it comes. After observing just how close gold was … Continue reading

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Worn coins definitely still worth a look

Just about the time you convince yourself that the only worthwhile coins in numismatics grade 60 or higher on the 70-point scale, a story like this comes along. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has closely examined an About Good-3 quarter and made … Continue reading

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ICTA achieves Minnesota sales tax exemption

Way to go, Minnesota. A partial sales tax exemption has been signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton. This happy news was announced by the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. ICTA is our numismatic/bullion lobbying group. It says this is … Continue reading

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Gold gains make a good week

Leave it to gold to put some excitement into the week. It is vaulting toward $1,300 this morning, according to the Kitco website. We are back where we were a year ago. We have seen strong performances in June before. … Continue reading

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Silver proof set price cut raises hopes

The trend to cheaper proof sets continues June 7. That is the date the 2017 silver proof set will be offered to collectors by the United States Mint. Issue price is $47.95. Last year’s issue price was $52.95. Collectors save … Continue reading

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Coins might not be where you think they are

Who is watching your back? In the case of one fortunate coin buyer, who didn’t even realize some coins of his had been stolen, it is Bill Walker of Heritage Auctions. Thanks to Walker’s outstanding professionalism and research skills, five … Continue reading

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Will you read it if I write ‘Mind Your Business’?

I cannot afford the $100,000-$150,000 likely sales price of a pewter Continental dollar that will be offered June 19 in a Spink USA sale in New York City. But I do enjoy looking at it every time it and others … Continue reading

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Coin questions are worth a premium

If you have ever watched a helium balloon accidentally float off into the sky, you know how important it is to stay tethered to the ground. The same is true for coin collectors as a group. There are many interesting … Continue reading

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I still can’t find new coins in change

A 2017-D nickel is in my pocket. It is the only thing I have to show for looking at my change over the weekend. I was traveling for Memorial Day. That is not unusual. Many Americans were. I had hoped that … Continue reading

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Summer starts; put coins away?

The unofficial start of summer commences with Memorial Day weekend. I am certainly looking forward to three days of activity that does not involve coin collecting. Good weather is too valuable to waste in Wisconsin. That is probably why coin … Continue reading

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