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Second try with silver proof

At the end of my Tuesday blog I offered an opinion of how I thought sales of the 2016-W 30th anniversary silver American Eagle proof coin would go. Come Wednesday the Mint updated its sales figures. They showed I could … Continue reading

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Cashless society concept provokes worry

I had an email from someone who found the Numismatic News website, but does not appear to be a coin collector. The individual has read some doomsday reports about the U.S. dollar and wants me to comment. It is too … Continue reading

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Hawaii’s idea should spread

Good ideas should be copied. The most interesting one I have seen recently is a promotional effort by the Hawaii State Numismatic Association. It is based on an old idea of spending rare coins into circulation in hopes someone will … Continue reading

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Collectors abandon clad, cling to silver

Are coin collectors slowly abandoning coins not made of precious metals? I believe they are. I have more evidence. Take a look at some numbers from the weekly Numismatic News “Mint Statistics” pages. For 2015 five-quarter America the Beautiful clad proof sets, … Continue reading

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More than one way to get a 1909-S VDB

If you stand on a street corner proclaiming the end is near, people will laugh. If you do the same online, you will have a career as a financial blogger. Why is that? Psychological studies have shown that the pain … Continue reading

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November looks busy

Strange, but my November calendar is beginning to fill up. In a month that I usually try to take a vacation, I have two show commitments. Thanksgiving weekend I will be at the Michigan State Numismatic Society gathering in Warren. I … Continue reading

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Output slides in month of August

August monthly output at the U.S. Mint’s circulating coin production facilities dropped by 28 percent from the prior month. With the exception of dime and dollar output at Philadelphia, it was a clean sweep in the down column. For the … Continue reading

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Gold set never to be finished

Why didn’t I tell my readers that the gold First Spouse series will always be incomplete? A telephone caller to my office demanded to know. There is no 39th coin, he said. I have to admit, I was not used to … Continue reading

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High five for silver

Have you taken a close look at the five-ounce silver America the Beautiful quarter yet? I expect you probably have not. With the Mint claiming tens of millions of coin collectors, it currently struggles to sell a couple tens of … Continue reading

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Going to shows pays bonus

We are now reaching the heart of the autumn coin collecting season. Traditionally, once the kids have gone back to school, the collector in the family, usually the dad, can spend a little time with his hobby. For those not … Continue reading

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