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Coin collecting spreads its influence

If I said there are more coin collectors now than at any time in history, you would probably think I am crazy. There are few Young Numismatists, you would say. The primary cohort of collectors is aging and leaving the … Continue reading

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Fight against counterfeit paper money goes on

It’s Harriet Tubman versus Andrew Jackson in the battle for the $20 bill. That’s the headline. A reader wrote me that perhaps it is time to put that aside to consider the main reason paper money is redesigned: To make … Continue reading

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Will bourse fee cut start a new trend?

Cheaper bourse table fees are being offered for the two 2018 C.A.M.P. shows at the Monroeville, Pa., Convention Center, which is in suburban Pittsburgh. The shows are scheduled for March 23-25, 2018, and Sept. 7-9, 2018. The table costs are … Continue reading

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Worst silver Eagle sales year since 2008?

Will 2017 turn out to be the worst year for silver American Eagle sales since 2008? It’s a distinct possibility. I am jumping the gun by writing this with a week left in the month of September. But the broad … Continue reading

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Mistakes can be fun and ‘profitable’

I recently met a reader who said he really loved my column. He began reading it when I made forecasts for the future. He said in the first one he had read I was mostly wrong. Guilty as charged. I … Continue reading

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Will collectors pay up for medal set?

At what price do coin collectors cry uncle over the price of a Mint offer? Certainly it varies according to what the item is made of, from base metal to silver to gold. It probably varies according to whether the … Continue reading

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Palladium Eagle ready for buyers

The United States Mint will begin selling palladium American Eagle bullion coins Sept. 25 to its Authorized Purchasers. No mintage figure has been revealed. But the Mint insists that once the supply it will have on hand is gone, it’s … Continue reading

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Mint Statistics: Enhanced set makes another advance

Is it worth a headline to point out that the United States Mint sold 2,367 Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Sets this week compared to 1,390 last week? It will have to do, because the rest of the Mint’s product line is … Continue reading

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Look over shoulder before you buy?

Will American coin collectors have to jump when some outside power says jump? No, I am not talking about the U.S. Mint, though that is probably what many think after reading the first sentence. What I am referring to is … Continue reading

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When will class of 1999 take over?

Back in the days of the national coin shortage when the Coinage Act of 1965 was new, collectors said there was nothing in change worth keeping. The charge basically was true. From my experience, I can tell you that silver … Continue reading

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