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New Mint director after six years?

There might be a new Mint director in office in 2017. Technically it has been vacant since Edmund C. Moy left office in 2011. The Mint director’s position is one of roughly 4,000 in the executive branch to be appointed … Continue reading

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Silver Eagle demand falls behind gold Eagle

Where are the silver American Eagle buyers this year? I have asked this question before, but now with the closing weeks of 2016 upon us, it is quite obvious that there is no way last year’s 47 million sales number … Continue reading

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Mint Stats: Silver bullion Eagle coins get the blahs

The election is over. Is demand for bullion coins over, too? November sales numbers have not had a strong start, particularly for silver bullion American Eagles. What’s with just 370,000 so far in November? But then looking at the total … Continue reading

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Another 100 years for Andrew Jackson?

Did Andrew Jackson win the 2016 Presidential election? With Donald Trump winning the White House Nov. 8 and naming his own Secretary of the Treasury early next year, the decision to replace Jackson on the $20 Federal Reserve Note could … Continue reading

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‘Gift’ not just a four-letter word

As far as the U.S. Mint is concerned, the holiday shopping season began yesterday. At least that is what I infer from my receipt of its Holiday Gift Guide in my email. As far as timing is concerned, the Mint … Continue reading

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Gold and silver ready for anything?

Gold was down almost $20 when I checked the Kitco website this morning. Silver was down 21 cents. Both amounts fall within the normal band of daily fluctuations. When they are, none of us thinks too much about them. Rather, thought … Continue reading

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Joining ANA a personal decision

If Beyonce said join the American Numismatic Association, would you? How about Garth Brooks or Carrie Underwood? I cannot think of a single celebrity who could promote ANA membership in an effective way. I have nothing against stars or star … Continue reading

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Stampede to dateless Buffaloes?

Dateless Buffalo nickels was the topic of a front page story on the cover of the Numismatic News that I deadlined last week. A reader has restored dates to thousands of them, finding the doubled-die 1916 as well as the 1918/7-D … Continue reading

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Mint Stats: Gold bullion coins stay in the spotlight

October gold bullion coin demand was very strong. The front page story lays out the particulars for the one-ounce Eagle, but the monthly chart below spells out the sales figures for the tenth-, quarter- and half-ounce sizes as well. Total … Continue reading

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Cubs win and so did I, a lesson

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Amazing It is the first time in 108 years. I am happy for them. I am not a baseball writer, but the Cubs win does have a connection to my interest in coin … Continue reading

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