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Did silver and gold treat you right?

The last business day of the year is a time for taking stock of our successes and mistakes. Forecasters have run out of days in 2016 to affect annual results. I am waiting for the closes of gold and silver … Continue reading

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Mint Stats: Give back those gold Mercury dimes

With the United States Mint’s weekly sales period ending on Christmas Day, you can imagine how slow this week’s sales have been. In fact, the total for the gold Mercury dime actually went backwards by 35. The sales figure now … Continue reading

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Star power for Miss Liberty in gold

When was the last time a Treasury secretary got involved in a ceremony to unveil a new coin design? Can’t remember? Neither can I. It certainly doesn’t happen routinely. That is what will make a ceremony in the Treasury’s ornate … Continue reading

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Bullion Mardi Gras starts in January

Can’t wait for the arrival of the 2017 American Eagle bullion coins? You are not alone. There are tens of thousands of others just like you. If there was such a thing as a Mardi Gras for bullion investment, the … Continue reading

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Collectors haven’t tried threats

Collect coins like they will be taken away from you tomorrow. That might seem to be a strange sentence to begin this column with. I recall as a child being kidded from time to time about collecting coins. It was … Continue reading

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Time to act if you really want 2015 coins

You can still party like its 2015 as far as certain United States Mint products are concerned. The Mint sent out a reminder about coins going off sale by the end of 2016. Many of them date back to 2015. I have … Continue reading

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Make FUN coin show your home

With two weekend snow storms in a row and a third one likely, my thoughts today turn to the Florida United Numismatists convention. This year’s event is at Fort Lauderdale, a place I have never been. My schedule has me … Continue reading

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Mint Stats: Year winds down with a gold coin first

For the first time and the only week of the year, the Mint sold all three gold Centennial coins simultaneously. Actually, it was just one day, Dec. 15, but since it is a weekly report, I can tell you that … Continue reading

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Let’s call gold Mercury the Christmas issue

Imagine Mint customers buying a hot issue without the chance of getting a first strike designation. That’s just what happened Dec. 15 when the Mint was cleaned out of its remaining supply of gold Mercury dimes. These were leftovers from … Continue reading

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A pound of prevention is worth …

Gold is down again today. It is off about $10 to $1,128.10 a troy ounce. In the past half year, it has been falling. During the financial crisis, I adopted a form of gallows humor when stock prices were plunging. … Continue reading

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