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Strange tale told by cent mintage numbers

Adding a “P” mintmark to the Philadelphia cent of 2017 should increase demand for the coin, right? Wrong. So far the opposite has happened. Production in the first three months of 2017 is actually lower. The U.S. Mint reports that … Continue reading

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Cash still wins in this spending race

Sweden might be leading a march to a cashless society, but the United States doesn’t seem inclined to follow. I noticed a story on CNBC this morning about the use of credit cards. Check it out. It is interesting. The … Continue reading

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Future where only -70s will matter

I am an optimist. Coin collecting will always exist. Something that we can trace to Renaissance princes 700 years ago who started with ancient Roman coins to celebrate their ancestors is not going to disappear. What will happen is it … Continue reading

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New way to collect silver Eagles arrives

The Holy Grail of Lincoln cent collectors was to find a 1909-S VDB in change. The circulation finds generation had the 484,000 mintage memorized. But what if the 484,000 1909-S VDB coins did not have the “S” mintmark on them? … Continue reading

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Mint Statistics: Eagles hog the limelight in early April

In the opening days of April the Mint sold 255,000 silver American Eagle bullion coins, a figure that is nothing to write home about. Complete March figures are below, as well as the numbers for 2017 through April 5. For … Continue reading

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New Miss Liberty $100 gold coin arrives today

Got a spare $1,640? The Mint hopes so. It has a goal of extracting $164 million from the collector coin field. Can it do so? We will find out starting at noon Eastern Daylight Time today when the American Liberty … Continue reading

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Tax shock could shake coins and bullion

Financial news yesterday said the Trump Administration was considering a value added tax as part of its tax reform. That should scare all coin collectors. While a news story about consideration is a long way off from actual adoption, it … Continue reading

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Millions of dollars at stake in 1804 dollar saga

Coin collecting has often been characterized as some sort of slow paced activity that cannot compete in the minds of young people with computer games. Perhaps the recent rapid changes of ownership of the 1804 silver dollar will go some … Continue reading

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2017-S silver proofs tomorrow and more later

Tomorrow the United States Mint will offer a 2017-S proof silver American Eagle coin to collectors. The coin is being put into the Mint’s annual Congratulations set. Price of the set is $54.95. Mintage of the set is 75,000. Will … Continue reading

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Record 1804 price would benefit all collectors

History will be made tonight. The Dexter example of the 1804 Bust silver dollar goes on the auction block in Baltimore. Stack’s Bower’s is calling the fifth D. Brent Pogue Collection Auction. The 1804 dollar is a highlight lot. Anytime … Continue reading

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