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Time to worry about silver?

Are buyers losing interest in the silver American Eagle? Are they tired of chasing dreams of silver riches only to be handed losses of 20 percent like last year? On the surface, you might respond with, “Are you kidding? January … Continue reading

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How long since you last took a look?

How many incomplete sets of coins do you own? In my time in the hobby I have owned plenty. Some I still have. Some I sold off at points in my life when I needed money. It makes me wonder … Continue reading

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New day at ANA

It’s over. Unlike a baseball game, we will not know the score. The lawsuit Larry Shepherd filed against the American Numismatic Association after he was fired has been settled. Part of the terms was the sealing of everyone’s lips. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Thoughts of California banish winter

Coin collecting is an indoor pursuit. It is an ideal activity this time of year for those of us who live in northern climes. However, even coin collecting cannot hold off entirely that winter-induced northern malady: cabin fever. The name … Continue reading

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Way to go Mint – now forget it

Can collectors stand a stretch of good news from the U.S. Mint? I think so, but they probably won’t remember it. People tend not to remember good news. When I was taking journalism courses in college many years ago, one of the … Continue reading

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Coin of the Year Awards given in Germany

The Coin of the Year Award trophy for 2015 was accepted by Gerhard Starsich, CEO of the Austrian Mint, Jan. 31 during a special ceremony at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany. It was one of four awards won … Continue reading

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No matter the theme, it is still about price

The March of Dimes commemorative silver dollar program is set to begin March 13 with an offering of proof and uncirculated silver dollars bearing the conjoined busts of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Jonas Salk. Collectors who have been … Continue reading

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Gold $5 beats anything I ever found

Ever find a gold coin in circulation? When I was a kid just starting out as a collector, I used to wonder what it was like to have gold coins in circulation. Back in the last half of the 1960s … Continue reading

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Dime found, quarter needed

The first 2015-dated dime was reported to me yesterday following the posting of my blog asking what collectors were finding around the country. It came from a collector in California, so I assume it is a Denver Mint product. The … Continue reading

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Making sense of cents

I had an email on Monday from a reader who heeded my call to report finds of 2015-dated coins. He received four 2015 cents on Feb. 1. I am grateful for this and all reports of circulation finds of new … Continue reading

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