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Do you want to be told where to go?

Sometimes being told where to go is a nice thing. For example, take the Numismatic News Coin Show and Auction Guide. It is compiled semi-annually. It is the most complete list of shows available at any one time. If you … Continue reading

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No mintmarks now source of confusion

Generational shifts are awkward things. Common knowledge to one set of people ceases to become common knowledge. One topic area I am noticing this shift in more and more regards the addition of the Philadelphia “P” mintmark to American coins. … Continue reading

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Ransoms aren’t what they used to be

Gold gets no respect once again. Hackers attempting to  hold the world’s computers for ransom demand payment not in gold but in Bitcoin. There is a lesson here. Gold is an inflation hedge. Gold is a hedge against economic uncertainty. … Continue reading

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Pick someone for Ambassador Award

Numismatic Ambassador Award nominations have been opened by the Florida United Numismatists. The hunt now begins for the next annual class of recipients to be recognized Jan. 5, 2018, at the Ambassador breakfast at the FUN convention in Tampa. Do … Continue reading

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Dimes or quarters? Place your bets.

The United States Mint cut coin production by one-third in the month of April. Overall, the monthly number was down by 486,260,000 coins to 959,540,000. March production was 1,445,800,000 pieces. If large numbers make you roll your eyes, the pattern … Continue reading

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Two 1943 copper cents graded by NGC

Imagine being a Philadelphia Mint employee during World War II and walking away with two 1943 cents struck in bronze rather than the standard steel, as well as two other wrong-planchet errors? Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has certified a group of … Continue reading

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Mint Statistics: May bullion Eagles show a spark of life

Silver American Eagle bullion coins stand just short of 10 million coins sold in 2017. This week’s sales number of 450,00 put the May monthly total at 980,000. This already beats the April monthly total and two-thirds of the month … Continue reading

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PNG gives scholarship to teenager

Our website seems to have entered a time warp this morning. We were transported back to late March. How long April and May material will remain invisible I cannot say. I don’t even know if this blog will show up when … Continue reading

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Do you know what osmium is?

Coin collectors’ warm and fuzzy feelings about gold and silver become decidedly cooler when it comes to platinum. Platinum also is a precious metal. One-ounce coins made from it have a high value. But the metal is not exactly familiar. How … Continue reading

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Looking for finds in all the wrong places?

Yesterday I wrote about finding 13 cents on the pavement in a parking lot. An old hobby friend wrote a response in an email to me that has me convinced that I do not move around in the right places. … Continue reading

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