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Will buyers chase new set?

A special Breast Cancer Awareness stamp and coin set will be slabbed by Authenticated Stamp Guaranty and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation when it goes on sale Oct. 1. (Photos courtesy of ASG and NGC)

Breast Cancer Awareness proof clad half dollar sales stand at 16,615.

Can the Mint sell an additional 25,000 of them if the 2018-S commemorative coin is paired with a stamp and the price is increased by $7 to $39.95?

We will find out Oct. 1 when the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin and Stamp Set becomes available on the Mint’s website.

A household order limit of one has been set by the Mint.

This is the same limit given to the palladium proof coins Sept. 6.

The implication of this limit is the set will be a hot item.

The grading services are jumping in.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and its sister company, Authenticated Stamp Guaranty, will slab the two elements of the set separately.

The stamp has elicited huge interest in the past.

NGC said, “The stamp has raised $88 million since it was first issued in 1998. The first ‘semipostal’ (fund-raising) stamp in U.S. history, it contains a colorful image of the goddess of the hunt, along with the words ‘Fund the Fight. Find a Cure.’”

Keen-eyed coin collectors will notice the 100-point grading scale employed on the stamp slab.

Last week’s suggestion by Ron Guth of a 100-point grading scale for coins has elicited many reactions from readers of Numismatic News.

Will this help fuel interest in the special set?

This is the hope of the Mint and the recipient of the $5 per coin surcharge income.

Will all 25,000 coins sell and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of New York City get a check for $125,000 from their sale?

That depends on the actions of average collectors, as well as the new issue speculative posse that rides to the charge in hopes that special Mint issues will go up in price on the secondary market.

The $39.95 sales price is affordable.

There is a hope that stamp collectors will take an interest, enlarging the potential market.

Will secondary market buyers realize that the 2018-S half dollar can be purchased without the stamp for $32.95?

They might not even look past the “limited edition” designation and the household order limit.

So get ready, get set, and go to the Mint’s website at noon Eastern Time Oct. 1.


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One Response to Will buyers chase new set?

  1. CoinsA-Z says:


    I have a stamp collection, I love collecting coins, and I regularly donate to charities.

    If the stamp were a brand new 2018 issued stamp, then I could see the philatelist in me possibly get a little excited about this set…but of course the stamp was released 20 years ago. I already purchased that stamp issue (a full sheet if my memory serves me well) many years ago.

    But adding a previously released stamp with this new 2018 coin (which I do feel has a well designed motif) doesn’t excite the collector in me.

    What I believe is perhaps the most interesting issue raised by this article is not the issue of possible added value but rather the much more important topic regarding the current coin grading scale. If you’ll notice, ASG uses a 100 point grading scale for stamps….but is also makes much more sense that the numismatic community also strongly consider adopting a 100 point grading scale (the Guth scale) instead of relying only on the woefully outdated (70 years old) and increasingly inadequate Sheldon scale (the Sheldon scale was only designed to grade early American (18th century) large cents).

    There are recent articles in some of the numismatic community journals such as CoinWeek and CoinNews (and others) which present this issue more completely….I encourage readers here to read those articles and consider the salient points raised therein.

    Robert Masters

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